Terms & Conditions

1. ‘Check in’/’check out’ procedure

Embarkation 4.00pm, disembarkation before 10am. This schedule is flexible depending on the circumstances.

2. Destination/Weather Conditions

Weather conditions in Greece vary depending on season and sailing area. On booking we will propose alternative sailing options depending on the feedback of your preferences and upon arrival the skipper will propose to you the best routing depending on your sailing requirements and needs.

3. Payment

A down payment of 50% of the charter price is paid on booking and the balance is paid not later than 3 weeks prior to departure. Payment can be made by wire transfer, bank and account details will be sent to you on booking.

4. Cancellation Policy

The deposit is not refundable if the charter is cancelled for charterer’s reasons within three weeks of departure. If however the charter is cancelled before due to force majeure and charterers wish to maintain the charter, new dates may be agreed subject to availability.

5. Insurance

The yacht is fully covered by Hull underwriters for third party and passengers liabilities in conformity with the Laws of Greece.

6. Charter hire does not include

  • Skipper fee at 160€ per day.
  • Fuel for the main engine and generator consumed during the charter.
  • Gasoline used for the dinghy outboard consumed during the charter.
  • Fresh water consumed during the charter.
  • Food, alcoholic drinks, beer and beverages.
  • Canal tolls, if applicable, and port fees.

7. Repositioning

The yacht is based at Marina Alimos and all charters start and finish at base. If the charterer requires an alternative point for delivery or re-delivery of the yacht it can be agreed at no extra cost (except of the fuel consumed) if the repositioning is part of the charter period. Otherwise the charterer is to pay the cost of skipper fee, the fuel consumed and proportion of the charter hire for the additional period used.

8. Air Conditioning in Port

The use of air conditioning in port during the night is subject to the local port regulations or permission from the neighboring yachts unless there is shore power available.

9. Smoking

Smoking is not permitted within the living areas of the yacht (cabins and under deck dinning area) for safety reason.

10. Documentation

It is recommended that all passengers carry their passports in case are required for inspection by the Coast Guard Authority.